Réactions des élèves de troisième
mardi 9 juin 2009
par  Mme LETUFFE

Quelques échanges à propos du dernier film vu au cinéma en version originale par les classes de troisième. Il s’agissait de Romeo+Juliet de Baz Luhrmann.

I enjoyed Romeo and Juliet because the story was romantic and there was much action at the same time. I felt sad in the end because the actors played well.
Alicia N.

I liked the film very much, especially the scene in the swimming-pool and the scene when Romeo and Juliet met at the party. Leonardo di Capprio is so good-looking !
Laura B.

I liked the scene when Juliet slept for one day. The music was good too.
I think the actors play better in Romeo + Juliet than in Psycho.
Marjory Q.

I loved this film because the music sounded great. There were a lot of guns and lots of action. My favourite scene was when Tybalt died.
Alain J.

I didn’t like the two films very much because I hate love stories and I don’t like black and white films.
However, my favourite character in Romeo+Juliet was the nurse, because she was nice to Juliet and Romeo.
Sandra B.

I enjoyed the scene at the Capulets party, it was great and Mercutio made me laugh. He was my favourite character.
Cynthia B.

I didn’t like the guns very much, I preferrred the cars, they were amazing !
Benoît B.

I preferred the scene when Romeo kills Tybalt to avenge his friend Mercutio.
The special effects are more interesting than in Psycho !
Adrien D.

The relationship between the Montagues and the Capulets were weird. I wouldn’t do that even to my worst ennemy.
Samantha H.

I really liked Tybalt’s character. He has got many weapons. I loved the scene when they fought.
Nicolas L.







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