Après la sortie cinéma des troisièmes

mercredi 1er avril 2009
par  Mme LETUFFE

Tous les élèves de troisième se sont rendus au cinéma Grand Ecran de Libourne pour voir un film en version originale sous-titrée. Les professeurs avaient choisi de leur montrer un classique du suspense : Psychose réalisé par Alfred Hitchcock.
Voici les réactions de quelques élèves de troisième Ravel et Platon :

I found the music very stressful. I enjoyed the film because the scene with the car was funny but I didn’t like the scene when Marion is killed, the scene was so bad. I quite liked when the detective was killed because it was funny.
The end
Amélie. C

I enjoyed it because it was fun but it was a bit too long. There was a lot of suspense in this film. I quite liked the characters, especially Norman’s. the music was stressful. I didn’t like the subtitles at all.
Elodie G.

I really liked the film “Psycho” because it was exciting. The film was also a bit scary and the story was really good, especially the middle because there was more action. However, the characters were very strange ! The music sounded suspicious.
I didn’t like the colours very much because they were black and white.

Paul R.

I loved Psycho ,because it was a very good film and I liked the music. In fact, there’s a lot of suspense in this film. The scene I loved was when the car sank in mud.

We liked the story very much because the end was excellent . We didn’t like the middle at all because it was a bit boring and very long .
We quite liked the beginning because it was good.
We hated the special effects because they were terrible and bad
but we really liked the setting because it was stressful and beautiful.

Vincent P. and Vincent R.

The end surprised me because I didn’t think Norman was the murderer.
Sabrina C.

I liked the music very much because it was mysterious. The language was easy to understand. Sometimes I didn’t read the subtitles. I loved the performance of the actors ; especially Norman’s because his role was difficult to play.
Samantha H.

I really liked this movie because it is a thriller. I liked the story very much but the special effects were really bad.
Rémy M.

I didn’t like the beginning at all, but I loved the end of the film. I loved the music however I didn’t like the colours very much.
Coralie P.







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