Singin’in the Rain

Film Review
samedi 26 janvier 2008
par  Mme LETUFFE

Singin’in the Rain is an American movie so we saw it in English. It is a musical released in 1952. It is about the beginning of talking films in the cinema industry in the 1920’s.
It is a love story too. The leading parts are played by Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds. Gene Kelly was a famous tap dancer. This film was nominated for two Oscars in Hollywood.

Reviews :

I really liked the film because I loved the actors when they danced.
I enjoyed the scene when Don Lockwood dances in the rain but I hated Lina Lamont because she had a horrible voice !
Cassandra N.

I didn’t like the beginning because it was a bit boring but I liked the end very much. The story is really good and Lina Lamont is extremely funny. Kathleen M.

I really liked the film. The actors were excellent but I hated the character of Lina because she’s stupid. The end was terrible for her because she was ridiculous . Mégane B.

I quite liked the story, but I was not very interested because I don’t like dancing and singing very much . But it was O.K. Baptiste M.

We liked the scenes with Cosmo Brown very much. Especially when he does stunts but the story is a bit too long. Gildas B., Romain D., Thomas J.

I loved this film because it was funny and I really liked the songs in the general except the scene with the dancer in the cabaret. The song “Good Morning” is very energetic and I really liked the scene with Lina and the microphone when she falls to the floor, It was so funny ! Violaine N.and Julie G.

I enjoyed the film because Gene Kelly is a very good singer. I really liked the song “Singin’in the rain”, But the film was a bit too long. Jordan G.

This film was O.K. The actors were very good and Debbie Reynolds dances very well, but it was sometimes too long and too difficult.
Jimmy B.

The scene with the song “Good Morning” made me feel like dancing. Singin’in the Rain was a great film with good mood and good humour. It was fun ! Faustine S.







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